Best Practices

We use best practices to ensure our clients generate the most value from our services

Set for growth

Building on our current 500 seat capacity, our Packleader BPO contact center is set to grow by more than 100% to 1,000 seats.

This means our fast growing client base can enjoy even more flexibility in customer management capacity and capability. Combined with an agile attitude and infrastructure, anything is possible to meet the individual needs of your brand

Technology platform and connectivity

Our capabilities and innovative approach to development provides us with an edge over our competitors.


Packleader BPO has a dedicated team of software developers. This enables us to have highly customized in house customer relationship management software including internal and external on demand reporting. We have proven experience in implementing client requirements seamlessly into our systems.

Continuous Improvement Model

Building a Strong Foundation

Packleader BPO utilises Calle Centre Best Practice with first class operations centers in Suva, Fiji, and Manila, Philippines, to support our core business and that of our clients, Packleader BPO is an industry leader.

Global Standard

To ensure Packleader BPO North America continues to deliver customer management services that meet international standards and trends, specially selected career specialists with global customer management experience complement our Fiji team.
The team boasts a winning compliance culture that has been audited by:

• Ernst Young
• Deloitte
• Energy Australia

Professional attitude and stability

Unlike other call centers, Packleader BPO doesn’t have the inconsistencies and costs that come from a transient workforce lacking experience or career commitment, and neither will you.

Packleader BPO staff are career minded and committed to the long term. Team members are selected for their English language and technical skills as well as their positive attitude.

The Packleader promise give you the assurance you need

The most important aspects of delivering excellent customer service is accessibility. When your customers need a problem solved give them channels to reach out to you.

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